We deliver our solutions through our open innovation ecosystem platform as Challenges.

A challenge may be;

Accessible to all

Select solvers including internal staff

Supervised by AnalytQe experts

Our Process

Challenge Launch

Challenge is assigned to selected solvers with priority given to individual experts, start-ups and SMEs.
Corporate partners may be invited to provide certain solutions not available from startups and SME’s.

Solution Submission

Possible solutions are submitted for review and selection


These are expert solution providers and include individuals, startups, SMEs and corporate organizations with expertise in diverse fields. Our goal is to put their skills and solutions to solve client problems

Innovation is like riding a stormy sea.
Every new wave looks huge until you’re on top of it, only to present the next challenge which needs energy, stability, resolve and confidence to take on.

Brands we work with

We work with various entities including startups, SME’s, software firms, audit firms, innovation labs among others to deliver cutting edge solutions. Our partners bring tremendous resources to specific areas of focus. No solution is beyond our scope.